Panel house or prefabricated house – how to build economically, not reducing the quality of the building?


To build a house with economical costs, which will not influence the quality, the best way is a wooden carcass of, so called, panel house, modular house, prefabricated house or simply ready-made house.

Wooden carcass panel house – possible to build in a really short time

The project “Amber” // Roominess: 124 m2 // Visualization:







Nowadays the most widely used technology for building wooden carcass house is, so-called, Canadian technology, which comes from Canada. In the basis of the Canadian technology is three main types of the wall – a self-supporting, enclosing, as well as heat and soundproof wall, which is provided with materials that enhance the functionality of a particular wall. Wooden carcass in this is as a self-supporting construction and is stuck with veneer shields and gypsum board. In turn, inside the panel, there is a thermal insulation material, which provides both thermal insulation and sound insulation at the same time. Thanks to technology, wooden carcass houses (which is also called the prefabricated house, panel house, modular house or simply ready-made house) are possible to build in a very short time. Rational and economical aspects provide the fact, that the house has been produced from factory-made modules or, so-called, ready-made wooden panels. In a factory it has been produced, suitable for precise sizes, wooden carcass frame with built-in additional anchorages and fittings that provide vertical, horizontal and diagonal stability, thus ensuring the durability of the entire structure of the building. After ready-made wooden carcass panels from the factory are transported to the construction site, and their wooden carcass house has been mounted on the spot.

This technology lets us both reduce costs of the labor and significantly fasten the process of the building, and that is the reason, why building costs reduce. Extra, building wooden carcass panel house has a relatively minimum building consumption and a very small amount of building materials, which, of course, is a cost-reducing factor. In the wooden carcass panel house building used materials reinforce and enhance each other’s functionality, which lets to work in any weather conditions and also thanks to the technology, during the building process it is possible do not use a heavy equipment.

According to generally accepted standards, the construction of wooden frame house houses lasts no more than 12 weeks and costs much cheaper than, for example, the construction of a brick house.

The project “Otīlija 4” // Roominess: 72,9 m2 // Visualization:

Wooden carcass panel house – the guarantee of the quality thanks to thoughtful technologies

If the carcass panel house has built, it is important to use thoughtful and constructive solutions for having an ability to make a rational rebuilt or modernization.  It gives an ability to make the longer life of the wooden carcass panel house. Technologically properly built wooden carcass house is able to endure 9 9 points of a powerful earthquake. The panel house is believed to serve 75 years. However, experience has shown that wooden carcass houses serve much longer.

For example, the age of the buildings exhibited at the Latvian Open Air Museum dates back to the 17th century. end of the 20th century 30. for years, then at least more than a hundred years old, while, for example, the oldest wooden houses in Germany are even 800 years old. It proves, that the wooden house is durable in any weather conditions and is durable to the time checking.

Wooden carcass house exploitation – how to save more?

For cheaper house exploitation it is noticeable to pay attention to these factors:

The project “Crocus” // Roominess: 44,05 m2 // Visualization:








The economy of water, it is possible landscaping and drainage systems that make it possible to economically consume water in the backyard. It is also important that the plumbing and equipment installed in the house economically consume water.

The economy of the electricity is possible if installing devices in a wooden carcass house controlling electricity consumption, reducing power consumption or even switching it off, for example, in the day-to-day hours or during periods when homies are not at home.