Construction of timber frame houses


Construction of timber frame houses

There are various myths about timber frame buildings, for example, that such a house cannot be built in winter. It is believed that the cold weather and snow will negatively influence the construction of the building and may hinder the construction process. In fact, the situation is completely different: a timber frame house has a relatively small weight, which facilitates the construction of the foundation. If the structure of the soil below the building permits it, four or more meters long reinforced concrete piles with a calculated layout (step) are installed. It provides a stable and durable foundation for the house.


The weather does not affect pile installation, but the main thing such a foundation can be created relatively quickly.

The walls of timber frame houses are made of prefabricated panels. Frame, insulation, film and batten layers are manufactured and packaged. On the site, dry construction is performed. This technology allows construction works to be performed at any temperature. Foundations and building structures are assembled on-site. The works are completed in a relatively short period of time.


Depending on the project, the roof can be as a complete panel with insulation or a simpler solution – attic. In both cases, a film is created underneath the roof covering to protect the wood constructions from condensation. It is very important to provide that the stages of roof installation are performed in the correct order if the construction takes place in winter.

It is not only possible to construct a timber frame house at any time of the year. Finish works, for example, roofing, facade decoration, construction of internal communications and internal finishes can also be performed at any time of the year. The assembly process for a timber frame house takes 1-3 days, depending on the project.



Prefabricated timber panels, according to the plan, are placed in vehicles, transported, then unloaded and assembled in a certain order and carefully fastened.



Prefabricated timber frame panels and other elements are delivered to the construction site, and after that, skilled assembly specialists carry out the assembly of the building panels on the previously constructed foundations. The panels are relatively lightweight; therefore, it is not necessary to use heavy equipment for their assembly. The assembly works can be carried out by two or three assembly specialists.



When the assembly of the house is completed, finished works are started: roofing, facade decoration, construction of internal communications, electricity, water, sewerage, heating installation, indoor final finish.