The protection of the wooden carcass house in comparison to the brick and concrete house


There are a lot of arguments, which prove, that wooden carcass house can be even more secure than concrete and brick house. Without a doubt, for a guarantee of the security, the rules of the building and projecting of the private house have to be followed. 

The security of the wooden carcass building starts at the factory

Wood is a wonderful and noble material when using in the building process, it provides a high level of comfort. As far as the wood for a long time lets people survive on the Earth, not in vain it associates with a comfort, warmth, and coziness, that’s why it is natural, that it is used in the building of the private houses. But, for the secure and durable wooden carcass house, it has to be properly projected, and it is significant to choose the appropriate way of technological resolutions at the very beginning. It is very important that a certified architect working in a team with builders develops safe building solutions – in accordance with the client’s desired home area, number of floors, roof configuration, etc.

If the wooden panel house is built from the factory-made wooden panels (this house is also called as a prefabricated house, panel house, modular house, ready-made house), then the producing process is important in case of the protection aspect of the wooden carcass panel house. In the technologically developed factory, the process usually is similar to this – wooden panels are produced in closed dimensions, that’s why it is impossible to damage them by the weather conditions influence. There is a strict quality control in the factory. The factory-built wooden frame, which fits the exact dimensions, with additional anchorages and fittings, ensures vertical, horizontal and diagonal stability. There are monolithic and secure constructions by producing walls. This is the reason, why do the wooden carcass construction is durable. Then ready-made wooden panels from the factory are transported to the object. The process of the ready-made panel mounting processes very fast – it takes about a week. The windows, roof are created etc.

Wooden carcass house is safe against the humidity, insects and nature disasters

It is important to wooden carcass house being protected against the humidity. If the house is mounting from the factory produced panels, then, during the producing process, there are appropriate technologies and resolutions in use for humidity not being able to harm building construction.

Summerhouse “Krokus”// Roominess: 44,05 m2 // Visualization:

Also, it is important to wooden carcass house being protected from different insects, who can live inside the wooden constructions and damage them. For protecting these constructions, it is possible to process the wood with a special remedy, which will scary the insects and even strengthen the fire protection.

In the case of the strength, the wooden carcass house is more fragile as, for example, brick house or concrete house. But wooden carcass house, built in accordance with the regulations laid down in the legislation, is completely safe to withstand in all climatic conditions – storms, snowstorms, rain gases, etc.

The fire protection of the wooden carcass house – in the hands of the owners

In the context of every building, and in the context of a wooden carcass house security, fire safety is a very important factor. It is important to choose fireproof materials for the construction of a wooden carcass building, evaluating their burning temperature and the duration of the influence of this temperature. Wooden carcass houses built by “North House” are fireproof because the wood used in construction is treated with a special solution that protects wooden structures against fire, while thermal insulation is used with the highest fire safety material.

The owners by making inner decorations, have to take into an account all the fireproof rules, for example, in the place, where there is placed boiler or stove, it is significant to use fireproof materials for the decoration.

Extra fireproof provide automatic fire extinguishing systems, alarms that help detect the fire at an early stage and alert you in a timely manner. There is also an ability to process walls from the outer side with a special remedy, which could protect from the outer fire danger, for example, lightening of the grass, careless handling of fire, etc. For the inner fireproof there are also different offers of protecting, which suits nowadays regulations. And, of course, the house should be insured.

What are the advantages of the wooden house?