Wood weekend houses


As the title says, a weekend house is a house, which is populated only on weekends. Indifference to summer houses, weekend houses are able to be populated all the year – in summer and in winter, because they are provided with a proper heating insulation. In many cases originally weekend house becomes a living house by moving there for all the time. There are no restrictions on the size or greatness, the most important are livers’ needs. The weekend house can be one-floor or two-floor with a roominess 25 m2 or 80 m2.

The most typical weekend house characteristic is that people mostly spend their time out of the house, that’s why there’s no necessity to a lot of closed rooms, actual is opened layout, wide windows, outside terraces. Closer to the natural environment is made for a recreation, make picnics, celebrate events and enjoy life. That’s why it is significant to create opened dimensions in the proper way and to customize it to be as close as possible to the environment.

“Holiday house – keep in close contact with nature, the surrounding environment, relax from the hustle and bustle of the city.”

Taking care of a condition of a weekend house you have to remember, that drastic temperature fluctuations create a favorable environment for increased moisture, mildew and fungi, which will eventually adversely affect the interior finishes, indoor air quality, etc. That’s why, to take care of wooden carcass house long lasting, you have to consider the ability of a heating, maintaining the temperature of the inner dimensity up to 0 grades. An optimal temperature should be +5 up to +10 grades, thereby not letting the weekend house to freeze. Smooth heating will provide ground heat pumps, smart houses etc., which works even when there’s nobody’s home.

“Northouse” offers two ready-made projects – “Jumis” and “Sems” according to the desire of the client – one-floor or two-floor house, with a bigger or smaller roominess. To meet other house projects, take a look.

Wooden holiday homes – these are your great vacation throughout the year! Whatever may be more charming than a weekly rest in a quiet, peaceful place where you can enjoy winter winters and summer glow! A wooden holiday house has its own corner, its corner, created and reserved at any time for you. There is no need to rent or rent, always have a place to spend your holidays in your wooden holiday home.

Wooden carcass weekend house construction will provide an appropriate comfort in summer and in winter. As far as weekend houses are provided with a good heating insulation, then this wooden carcass house from the real private house do not differ very much.

Nature, full of nature, recreation – this is what a person is looking for the most during the holidays. A wooden holiday house can cover it all in one whole – natural materials will bring residents closer to nature in any place. In terms of design, the holiday home lets you get out of the frames, take a look at the idea of how a house was built almost in the trees.
When designing vacation homes, more space is reserved for common areas – living room, dining room, kitchen. As the main function of holiday homes is rest and family holiday, the bedrooms in such homes are usually designed smaller than usual

197/5000 The spacious windows and terraces of the holiday home offer a panoramic landscape around the house. Vacation house “Vindö”, Stockholm, Sweden. / / Architect: Max Holst Arkitektkontor // Photo: Hannes Söderlund, dezeen.com