Wooden auxiliaries


As far as the wood is relatively light material, it is comfortable produced and used in the building, from it is possible fast and easy to create wooden auxiliary rooms. Auxiliary buildings are secondary buildings that perform certain functions to ensure a comfortable stay in a residential building. They are – saunas, awnings, household buildings, barns, individual garages, outdoor toilets, stand-alone basements, winter gardens, greenhouses and more and more.

Bathhouses, saunas

As the construction of the sauna is mostly merged with the acquisition of an additional lounge, baths and saunas are being built as complex buildings, becoming a guest house, a place for rest with a fireplace, a swimming pool, etc. opportunities. They are built at a certain distance from the dwelling, so that the noise of the holidaymakers does not disturb the inhabitants of the living house. The size of the sauna depends on individual requirements, but for small families the sauna room is calculated to be 7-8 m2. Other sizes are individually measurable. In the largest recreation complex, the sauna is a separate part. The most commonly used oak logs in Latvia are found in the basement of the sauna, the pine or larch is used for the walls of the sauna, while the interior decoration often uses fir or lime wood, which gives the special bath aroma. The best way to build a sauna is from dry wood. In the interior decoration it is desirable to refuse the conifer decoration, it is better to use deciduous trees – oak, ash, apple, including linden and birch. Of course, there are people who believe that a real sauna can be just a log house, in design terms it’s advisable to construct baths and saunas in a style like a dwelling house, so that the contrast between the buildings is not formed.


Awnings can be built for different functions – for storing wood, for household use, for car parking. The awning can be designed as a gazebo for recreation. They can be open or closed, with partial wall construction. Awnings can provide space for storing non-storey things in a dwelling, such as firewood, garden tools, etc. farm and outdoor care need things like barns. The awnings are mostly and are recommended to be matched with the design of the living room – in the choice of colors, materials and roofing, creating a single ensemble in the same frame.

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Guest houses

When building a residential house, it is clear that the lifestyle of the owners requires additional accommodation for the guest, a guest house is being built. The guest house usually arranges rooms for the guests to rest, separate their communications, amenities, and sometimes the kitchen. The guesthouse can be combined with the construction of the sauna and other residential accommodation needs.


Individual garages for wooden carcass houses are an excellent option if there was no such existing dwelling house, or at the time of construction it was not a topical issue, or if there was a need for an additional car park. Like any auxiliary building belonging to a dwelling house, it is advisable to design a garage as design in close proximity to a residential building.

Wooden auxiliary buildings allow the use of different design, color and finishing materials, thus forming a united ensemble and matching the auxiliary buildings with the design of residential and private houses. The material used for wooden auxiliaries is particularly grateful for lightweight and simple construction. In addition, the wood as material auxiliary buildings will make it particularly suitable and cozy. Simple and constructive solutions for wooden auxiliary buildings will make it stable and durable.

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Wooden additions can also be called building additions – extensions that expand the area of the existing building. Adding a wooden frame to the existing house adds extra square meters of living space, new rooms, verandas, indoor terraces, and winter gardens.

Attachment is an easy road to the extension of the house. // See the photo: viewframes.org

Children’s playhouses, garden houses, and gazebos sometimes resemble miniature castles all around, as there are design options for such structures and wooden auxiliary buildings.

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