Building of Wooden private House by Using Wooden Carcass Technology


Building of wooden carcass house is relatively easy, and to do it by yourself it couldn’t be a problem even for a person, who do not have a special education in the field of building. If there is a knowledge about wooden house construction technology, it is possible to do this exercise independently, without specialists. Although, always evaluate risks and protection and the necessity of professionals presence in separate stages as far as it is a building, you and your family will live there. The company “North House” processes a private house, wooden carcass house projects, do building and landscaping works. What to do with a house carcass and what materials, equipment are in need, you will know here. Individual tree beams or planks’ carcasses vary in their characteristics, and the framing assembly technology has several features To work both with beams and planks, there is one equipment set in use, similar seals, general mounting techniques and fittings. It should be noted that if the frame is built from poorly dried wood materials, the result will not be long-lasting.

From what to make a wooden carcass

Before the construction of the frame structure, it is necessary to choose lumber, taking into account the specificity of the tree species and the place of growth. These factors influence planks and beam physical characteristics. For example, if compare the same diameter logs from Krasnoyarsk territory (Siberia) or Russia’s central area, Siberian timber has a thicker wood and top layer. At present in the trade of wood materials is offered a huge amount of different wood ware, which differs in case of price and quality and, to make a good choice, you have to take into an account all the wood material type use rules. Traditionally, for wooden carcass is used pine tree or fir wood. It is considered, that that the coniferous trees are more durable than leafy trees, are more resistant to collapse, and the carcasses are built in a more even form. At first, the stern is processed with hands to make a straight material, which later will be put together. Thereby, in a consistency of coniferous tree, there are special aromatic oils with bactericidal properties, promoting beneficial effects on human health.

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Solid wood
Materials for the construction of frames can be either solid wood chip or rectangular cutting beams. Nowadays, the problem of purchasing such material is not a problem: today’s market offers the widest choice of products at every taste and at a very reasonable price. Some may find it more appropriate to prepare the timber themselves according to the methods of the elderly, to make the work by hand with the help of a helping hand. This method requires experience, skill, precision and a lot of consumed free time.

Processing necessary amount of the material in the sawmill for the existing house carcass takes much less time. Purchased wood is delivered to a wood processing company for processing. Sawmill operators place logs in the machine, and the manufacturing process begins. During the manufacturing process, it is possible to the subject can be reset several times until certain shapes and sizes of solid wood are obtained. Competent machining operator is able to tell, how it will be useful to cut each material, allowing as little residue as possible. For the rack construction usually, there are used square beams as a floor element,  intermediate floor, and roof – rectangular brush for installation. After prepared in the sawmill material form, it is dried in a special drier with a ventilation and heating. Wooden humidity consistence is decreased to 7-12% and it is fully ready for use. After drying all the materials have been packed and sent to the storey.

Do not get drunk in woody materials, make sure you have the best choice before making a purchase.// Photo:

Choosing of the wood

The wooden carcass is possible to build of any of the wood (even exotic), the main is that it is natural. The choice depends on the financial abilities of the owner and aesthetic desires. But the most important is to take into an account every characteristic of the wood species, which make them useful or, reverse, nonuseful materials for building a wooden carcass house. Widely used building material for wooden houses – pine tree and fir. First of all, thanks to the long twisted wood fibers, this is a traditional building material. Second, this wood is cheap. Third, it has good strength and heating insulation characteristics. But the best for building a wooden carcass house is aspen. It is almost as resistant to wear as an oak, and is well tolerated by moisture – it is not cracked and does not glow and is not afraid of temperature changes. In addition, it is durable (density at natural moisture – 689 kg/m3). It completely saves heat. It’s easy to handle – it’s lightweight and homogeneous.

Equipment and fasteners for wooden building

The carcass design requires a proper set of tools and fasteners. First of all, woodcutting, longitudinal and transverse sawmills will be required when working with wood. If the building is supplied with electricity, an electric plywood wood saw can be used. Screwdrivers and hammers are needed to connect individual wood components. When purchasing screwdrivers, pay attention to the fact that the battery charge voltage must not be less than 14 V. This device requires power to assemble together the wood frame parts. On the market are screwdrivers with normal drilling function. Electric drills may also be used.

The screwdriver will need a tool for screw driving. The hammer helps both in the framing of the detail assembly and in the alignment of the walls. To check the vertical and horizontal position of the structural part of the frame, a level is required. Chains of different sizes are used to temporarily add card details and assemblies. Using a metal or wooden square, you can determine the correctness of wall geometry. By strengthening the heat and steam, moisture-proof film, the construction stapler will make it much easier.

A metal angle is required to attach the lower straps or planks down. Individually assembled shields and frame assemblies are fixed together with different lengths or screws of steel rivets. To attach the frame parts to the same plane, there is no need for different lengths and widths of metal plates with wooden bolts and perpendicular corner fastenings. If necessary, these strips can be bent to obtain the corner to determine the desired size. And finally, during construction, a large number of wooden bolts of wood, galvanized or “black”, as well as usually nails of different lengths are required.

For comparison, how much effort does it take to work with your hands to build a solid wood carcass and home, take a look at how a house with the most authentic building traditions has become, without using nails and electrical tools:

And how is made wooden carcass house?